SkinProtect™ Replaceable Ceramic Blades
These razor sharp ceramic blades were specifically designed to provide the maximum confidence while trimming below-the-waist. The BodyGuard™ will give you the best possible shaving experience without any skin irritation. For hygiënic reasons we recommend replacing the blade every 3 months.
(Does not guarantee a 100% cut protection)

Waterproof Design
Prevent making a mess in your bathroom by using The BodyGuard™  in the shower. Thanks to its waterproof design the bodygroomer can easily be used in any condition. Wet or Dry.

Powerful and Avdanced Engineering
The premium 7.000 RPM UltraQuiet Motor with 600mA Li-ion battery is powerful enough to keep you going for up to 90 minutes no-stop. Thanks to the Digital Battery Indicator you always know when its time to charge. Using the Charging Station, The BodyGuard will be fully loaded in only 2 hours.

4000K LED Spotlight
Never forget a hair thanks to the LED Spotlight. I will give you a clear view in even the darkest areas.

Adjustable Guard
With the adjustable guard you can choose the ideal length for the perfect haircut. Going from 1.5mm up to 6mm.